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The Southern Alberta Acute Knee Injury Clinic

A multidisciplinary clinic which aims to provide timely access to definitive care for acute knee injuries, with no cost to the patient.

Our Goal

To reduce the wait time for definitive care of a patient’s knee injury; however, SAAKIC has no control over surgery wait time. This will be determined by the consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.


SAAKIC will accept referrals from the emergency department, family physicians, any other allied health professional, or the patient themselves.

SAAKIC Referral Form

Patients Have Access To:

  • Sport Medicine Physician
  • Certified Athletic Therapist (Injury Care Coordinator)
  • Physiotherapist
  • Certified Orthotist for bracing
  • Referral to an Orthopaedic Surgeon
    • Only where applicable

Working as a team, we will assess knee injuries that have occurred within the past 6 weeks. Early rehabilitation is provided to minimize deterioration of the knee structures after injury.

SAAKIC Criteria:

  • Recent Injuries

    SAAKIC is for patients who have acutely injured their knee in the past 6 weeks

  • Not for Chronic Knee Problems

    SAAKIC does not provide services for chronic knee pain

  • Not for WCB or MVA Patients

    SAAKIC does not provide services for injuries that occurred in the workplace or as a result of a motor vehicle accident

SAAKIC provides:

  • Assessment At No Cost To The Patient

    There is no cost to the patient to attend SAAKIC

  • Appointments Without Prior Imaging

    The patient does not require an MRI or other imaging prior to booking an appointment

  • Orthopaedic Consultation

    Will arrange for Orthopaedic Consultation if required

What to Expect at Your Appointment

  1. Patients will first be assessed by our Injury Care Coordinator. This involves a thorough history and complete physical examination.
  2. Patients will also be assessed by a Sport Medicine Physician who will provide a clinical diagnosis.
  3. The patient will be educated on the nature of their injury, including expectations regarding healing timelines and return to activity.  Patients will have ample opportunity to ask any questions they may have.
This multi-disciplinary approach may take upwards of an hour and a half. If orthopaedic consultation is required, a referral will be made to the appropriate surgeon. If imaging or bracing is required, this will be done for you through SAAKIC and the appropriate referrals will be made and discussed with the patient. If a course of physiotherapy is recommended, patients have the opportunity to see a physiotherapist during their visit and are welcome to continue their rehabilitation through Rebound Health Centre with one of our physiotherapists affiliated with SAAKIC, or at the clinic of their choosing.

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